There are so many Instant Pot accessories out there, it can be hard to know which ones to buy. That’s why we did some testing of our own, and we think these are some of the best Instant Pot accessories you can get! Continue reading “The 8 Instant Pot Accessories Worth Getting” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 25th, 2020

These easy apple turnovers are made with store-bought puff pastry or homemade pie crust. They’re filled with tart apples, currants, walnuts, sugar and cinnamon. All the best fall flavors in a hand-held pie! Continue reading “Apple Turnovers” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 24th, 2020

Traditional water pitchers are fine, but Weck Juice Jars are the best—not just for water, but for iced tea, cold brew, or even as a wine decanter! Continue reading “Why I Love Weck Juice Jars” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 24th, 2020

Crunchy, crispy apple crisp recipe! This is the easiest of the apple desserts. Just bake sliced tart apples topped with a streusel oat topping, with plenty of brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Serve with ice cream! Continue reading “Apple Crisp” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 23rd, 2020

Let’s get cozy with comforting, family favorite dinners. We’ll make use of seasonal ingredients, as well as pantry staples to keep the chill at bay. Warm up to sheet pan chicken with spicy harissa, vegetarian chili, mac and cheese, pork tenderloin and more! Continue reading “11 Recipes for Cozy Dinners on Cool Nights” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 22nd, 2020

EASIEST way ever to poach eggs—all you need is a mug and a microwave! Ready in about a minute. Use this poached egg method to top a quick lunch salad, toast for an easy breakfast or roasted vegetables for dinner. Continue reading “Microwave Poached Eggs” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 22nd, 2020

Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings! Here’s an easier and less messy way to make Buffalo Wings. Marinate your wings in a spicy sauce, broil them briefly, then serve with a tangy blue cheese sauce. Continue reading “Buffalo Wings” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 21st, 2020

Sports may be canceled, and school may not be in-person, but you can STILL celebrate the spirit of kickoff season with a Family Field Day—in your own backyard! Continue reading “How to Throw a Family Field Day” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 21st, 2020

This wet bottom Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie is the perfect pantry pie recipe. If you love molasses, and simple ingredients this pie is for you. The strong molasses flavor is tempered with butter and a warm-spice crumble topping. This pie is just what your coffee break needs. Continue reading “Shoofly Pie” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 20th, 2020

Cream cheese frosting is so easy to make! This is a classic cream cheese frosting with cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla. It’s perfect for icing carrot cake, cupcakes, and cookies. Nothing beats homemade frosting. Continue reading “Cream Cheese Frosting” »

Category: Recipes | Date: September 19th, 2020